Monday, May 7, 2012

King of the WORLD!

Hi, Bmore Lucky fans! My name’s King! Let me show you around my foster pad and introduce you to my host siblings. It’s pretty cool here. I was an outdoor dog my whole life but now I get to enjoy the outdoors in a whole new way. Here I get to lounge around and enjoy the sunshine while my foster mom is out gardening. If it wasn’t for the comfortable dog bed inside, I could lay here all day!

This here is my foster bro, Scruffy, and my foster sister (Zuzu, the cat). Scruffy is a lot of fun. He likes to play all the time and makes me feel safe when I get nervous. The cat is ok too, I guess. She seems to think she rules the house. But that’s fine with me. I don’t pay her much attention.

Inside the house I’m not quite as confident since I didn’t grow up there. Scruffy has got the whole “inside” world figured out so I look to him to help me out when I get a little overwhelmed. You know, like when there’s a loud noise I don’t understand or when new people come over and are talking loud and moving fast. I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do with myself in those situations, so usually I’ll just go upstairs for a bit to get my courage back.  Now that I’ve been in my foster home for over a month I rarely have to do that though. I’m adjusting.  

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about my favorite things!! So my first and most favorite thing is to go for walks at the park. Why? Because I get to smell everybody that’s already been there and then let them know I’ve been there too! Actually it’s best when I get to meet another dog in person. For those occasions I have a special happy dance!! Oh yeah, you should see my moves. I’ve coined the most adorable “hop and circle” technique. It makes everybody laugh.  The only other time I use it is when I’m about to get my dinner.  You’d dance too if you were getting such delicious morsels!

The only other thing I might love as much as going for walks and eating is attention!! Scruffy and I compete all the time for who gets to be the center of attention. Unlike him, I’m not pushy. He likes to poke and lick people. I prefer  a gentle head rest on the lap. Every once in a while I’ll also ask for a belly rub. For that I turn on the real charm. I make eye contact and then gently rollover so it’s clear what I want. Hahahaha, my foster mom is no match for my adorableness. It works every time.

So I guess you probably realized I’m up for adoption, huh? My foster mom said she’d love to keep me because I’m such an angel but then she couldn’t continue to save other dogs like me. So maybe you would like to adopt me?  I’m really easy going. I don’t bark, chew on things I’m not supposed to, or get into stuff. I’m past that stage.  According to my foster mom, I’m the easiest foster she’s ever had! Wow, now that's saying a lot!

If you would like to learn more about adopting me, please visit or see my Petfinder page:

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