Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mister Marcus needs a home!

When I received an email request to transport a dog from the MDSPCA ( to a boarding facility/daycare in Dundalk, I couldn't say no. The trip would be quick and easy and this dog really needed to leave the SPCA or he would be in danger of being put down. When the trip was confirmed, I received a picture of my future little traveler..

Marcus, the Shepherd mix is from a shelter in rural West Virginia called Animal Friends of Barbour County ( He was transported to the MDSPCA to be adopted. And was. And, sadly, was returned to the MDSPCA one week later. It wasn't his fault. Marcus just wanted to be with his new family. He finally felt love and he wanted more! According to his paperwork and the conversation I had with the kind staff members at the SPCA, Marcus went to his new home and was a nothing but a love bug when he got there. When his new family had to leave him at home alone to go to work, they put him in his new crate. But Marcus didn't understand why he wasn't cuddling on the couch and decided to bust out. He went to the door to look for his new family and pawed at the screen until it came apart. Then he saw this huge cooler sitting on the floor and thought, "well that looks like an awesome chew toy!" and decided to give it a nibble. Marcus's family came home and saw what he had done and decided that he had separation anxiety and returned him to the SPCA. 

Because the SPCA is a shelter, they don't have the means to deal with dogs who supposedly have issues...for this reason, they asked Animal Friends of Barbour County to reclaim Marcus and transport him back to West Virginia. In the matter of one month, Marcus has been from a West Virginia shelter to a Baltimore shelter to a new home then back to the SPCA and boarding until he can hop on the transport back to West Virginia. No WONDER he's a little unsure of himself. He just wants a person that he can love forever. He wants his next car ride to be to his forever home. And I don't think that that is too much to ask. 

I sat in a room at the SPCA and waited for Marcus to be sprung from his kennel. He confidently walked into the room and came right up me to get some love and some pets. He's a gorgeous boy with big paws, a few black toe nails, and great markings. He's friendly and gentle but his eyes are a little sad. His tail was hesitant to wag but when it did, it was a full force wag fest! He had two SPCA staff members come to see him and send him off with warm wishes. This boy has certainly made friends during his SPCA stay. As we were walking through the parking lot, Marcus heard a car door slam and he dropped to the ground. He looked at me for reassurance, stood back up and we were back on our way to the car. I opened the door and he jumped right in. He immediately saw the bag of clothes in my back seat that were on their way to the dry cleaner and he walked over to them, laid on top and curled up in a ball. He felt safe. 

We listened to "Through a Dog's Ear" ( on our way to Dundalk and Marcus felt relaxed. At stop lights, Marcus would get up and look out the window at all of the city sights. His tail would wag when he saw other dogs running or walking down the street. He didn't bark. Or whine. He was just...Marcus. At one point he did this...

And it was awesome. In the very short time we spent together, Marcus and I formed a bond. I can not possibly let this dog travel 5 hours back to a rural shelter in West Virginia where his chances of being adopted are slim. He needs to stay in Baltimore. He needs a home of his very own. Please share Marcus and his story far and wide. We need a local rescue to step up and help Marcus find his forever family. You won't be sorry.

Marcus is approximately 4 years old. He is handsome, he is gentle, he is awesome. He is up to date on all of his shots. He is neutered and micro-chipped. Best of all, he loves love. Please contact me at for more information about Marcus.