Thursday, December 20, 2012

Charles in charge!

A cute little dog named Charles needed a ride to the vet today, so at around 5:45 this evening, he gleefully hopped into my Soul and we went for a ride through the city. We didn't get to hang out for long, but he's one of the best little car riders I've ever had the pleasure of driving.

Charles is an adoptable Puggle, who was recently rescued by AARF ( He was in a kill shelter and was reported to be Deaf and possibly blind and 13 years old. He didn't have a good chance of making it until AARF stepped in. And thank goodness they did. Charles is an all around great boy. He's amazingly sweet and loving and very happy. He was happy to see me and I was just as happy to pet his soft little ears. He was very curious about being in car and kept switching between looking out at the Christmas lights and laying on the seat with his head in my lap. When we walked into the vet, Charles was greeted by a very huge and jumpy Lab puppy, but he didn't really seem to mind. You see, Charles couldn't hear the puppy barking at him, so he could have cared less. He just wanted to get to the back room with the vet so he could get his stitches out and go to bed.

If you are looking for a wonderful little-ish dog to keep you company, Charles is your boy. He doesn't mind other dogs and can co-habitat with cats. And most importantly, he will be forever grateful to the person who gives him a warm lap and lots of love. If you are interested in adopting Charles, please visit his AARF page ( for more info.

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