Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lucky Number Deuce.

Deuce loves love.

If you have been keeping up with Deuce's story on the Dogs XL Facebook page (, you would know that our favorite fluffy Malamute has really had a rough time during the past two weeks. Shortly after the first Bmore Lucky blog post about Deuce, he went to his first adoption event and then went home to hang out with Dogs XL foster mom, Mary, and her lovely family. After about 24 hours of rest and relaxation in Mary's home, Deuce started to cough a lot. Then he coughed up blood. Then he became very, very weak. So weak that Mary and her husband had to carry Deuce to the car to get him to the vet's office. The vet diagnosed Deuce with kennel cough, gave him meds and sent him home. The next day, he hadn't improved so we sent him to another great vet ( that monitors their patients 24/7. Dr. Petros said that Deuce had a very high fever, pneumonia and possibly complications from his heart worm treatment. Essentially, in the span of a week, Deuce had been from North Carolina to Baltimore, neutered, treated for heart worm, diagnosed with kennel cough and pneumonia and was in heart failure. He should have died. Dr. Petros didn't think that he was going to make it. But he didn't give up hope. Deuce didn't give up hope. No one gave up hope.

It was one week ago that Deuce went to stay at Montgomery Village Vet Center. For the last week, Deuce has been the best darn patient that Dr. Petros and his staff have ever seen. They LOVE him! And who WOULDN'T love him? He is the fluffiest, sweetest guy EVER! Seriously.

Shortly after I posted Deuce's story on Bmore Lucky, I got an email from a woman named Judy. Judy said that she and her husband, George, saw Deuce's story (and his cute little face!) and fell in love. They wanted to talk about adopting him. OMG! They wanted to talk about adopting him!!! My heart raced. I looked at their adoption application. I talked to Judy on the phone. Everything was perfect. And then Deuce became ill. I knew from my conversation with Judy that she and George had been extremely dedicated dog parents. The three lucky dogs who were fortunate enough to be a part of Judy and George's lives were also rescued pooches. Dedicated is putting it mildly. You see, Judy and George live in New York. Deuce lives in Baltimore. Actually, his vet is in Gaithersburg. Despite the long trip and despite the fact that Deuce is very sick and they could easily adopt a healthier dog, Judy and George made the trek to see him today. The visit was amazing. Deuce took to them instantly. They sat with him for hours, petting him, loving him, talking to him, taking pictures with him and just being a part of his healing process. Judy and George were sad to leave Deuce. They were hoping that Dr. Petros would say that Deuce was well enough to travel home, but that wasn't what happened.

Judy and George say, "until we see you again" to Deuce.
Deuce still needs our help. Dr. Petros said that Deuce is still in critical condition. His heart is still enlarged. He is still very weak and he is so very, very skinny. Please keep Deuce in your thoughts and prayers. He needs to feel our love. It's what makes him stronger. He is not going to give up. He wants nothing more than to jump in the car and head to his forever home in New York. Long Island, to be exact.
Deuce's heart shaped fur.
To donate to Deuce's growing vet bills, please visit the Dogs XL Critical Care Blog (

Deuce loves his treats!

Special thanks to everyone who loves Deuce, including but not limited to, Suzanne, Jan, Donna, Giullia, Vinny and Sal, Ozzy, Mary and (of course), Judy and George.

Deuce and George.


  1. Duece has EVERYTHING to live for!! I hope he's feeling that....What a wonderful new family he will have. And he has so many good people caring about him now. Sending all of my best wishes to him and his caregivers and future family! C'mon Duece!! xoxoxo ~Donna

  2. Duece has everything to live for! I hope he is feeling that. I wish the best of luck to him and and his wonderful new family. He has so many good people taking such good care of him. I hope he kicks these medical problems and can get on to the fun stuff! Will be sending all good energy his way. xoxoxo

  3. THANK YOU Judy and George for loving Deuce and for giving him his FUREVER FAMILY... My daughter and I were the lucky folks chosen to drive him to Dogs XL... He IS the sweetest most lovable big ball of fur... Just be careful HE wants to help DRIVE :-D NOW... DEUCE...YOU be a good boy and do what the doctor and his staff tell you to do...GET BETTER sweet boy and get to YOUR FUREVER HOME in New York :-D LOVE ya lots XOXOXOXO from your loving friends back in NC <3