Saturday, January 28, 2012

The One Called Deuce

Before they arrive, I get to see the pictures and bios of all of the dogs that we are bringing in to our rescue, Dogs XL...each and every one makes me so sad to see them behind the bars of their shelter kennel and then instantly overjoyed that WE are the ones to give these great dogs a second chance at life. That's exactly what happened when I saw Deuce's sweet face pop up in my email. If you know me, you know that I have a crazy soft spot for Huskies...especially white Huskies with blue eyes. Blue eyes that sometimes cross. And a big fluffy, curly tail. Deuce isn't a Husky, but rather an Alaskan Malamute...the cousin of the Husky. Just as cute, just as fluffy, just as wonderful. My sister recently moved back to Baltimore from Alaska and I thought that perhaps my little nephews needed a doggie foster brother to liven their spirits and remind them of Alaska. If only Deuce could have come with a snow storm!

Deuce, on the way to his foster home!

Before Deuce arrived, we learned that he had heartworm. Heartworm in dogs is totally treatable and dogs with heartworm go on to live long, active lives. Dogs XL didn't give up hope and committed to pulling Deuce out of the high kill shelter he was in and transporting him to Baltimore for a better life. When Deuce arrived, he headed to an animal hospital in Baltimore to be treated for his heartworm. I picked him up yesterday and delivered him to his new foster home. When he walked into the waiting room at the vet's office, he greeted me with a big old tail wag and I don't think his tail has stopped wagging since.

Deuce and I headed to my sister's house so he could meet his new foster family. He LOVED his car ride and was perhaps the most well behaved dog that has even been in my car (my own dogs included). His new foster brothers were so excited to see him and Deuce greeted them with little gentle kisses. The boys were learning to gently pet Deuce's tail, but one of their little hand's slipped and accidentally hit Deuce's recent neuter stitches. This is what happened...

Don't worry, won't hurt me! I'm just so happy to have belly rubs!
In the hours that followed, Deuce got comfortable in his temporary home. He followed Giullia and the boys everywhere! He got to cuddle and, most importantly, got so many belly rubs. Deuce is very receptive to learning and is already mastering basic commands. He doesn't mind being in his crate but spent his first night in his foster home by in sleeping in the doorway of his foster mom's bedroom. He woke her up at a reasonable hour by gently kissing her face to let her know that he needed to go outside to potty. What a good boy, Deuce! He obviously loves kids (especially two year old little boys!) and would make a great family dog.

Deuce gives a big smile! He loves hugs from Vinny.

Vinny and Sal think that Deuce is the sweetest boy!

Deuce and Vinny, just chillin'!

Deuce is a fantastic dog who needs a loving, forever home...for more information on how to adopt him, feel free to email me at or view his PetFinder profile here: .

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  1. Deuce is a big lover who needs lots of affection! He just wants a family to love him. He really enjoys being outside but is eagar to be napping at your feet. He is good with kids that noknow how to be kind to animals. He would make a great addition to any family!