Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Lion Man

Since I am currently foster-less, my dear friend and fellow foster mom, Lindsey, suggested that I blog about a handsome guy who we all love. Meet Leo.

Leo's foster/our guest blogger, Catharine, would like the world to know why Leo is so flipping awesome:

Leo the Lazy Lion perfectly describes this adorable guy.  He is royal in appearance and loyal in love. He prefers to lay around and snuggle.  He occasionally sits in a lion pose (think sphinx) and watches everything that goes on around him. At the dog park you can find him sitting on the picnic table in his lion pose just so he can be closer to humans. He is very affectionate with the people and dogs he is comfortable.  He is friendly to every dog he meets, and after a sniff continues on his way.  He loves to go for walks, but doesn't really need a long one.  He will go for runs but only a mile or so.  Since he is a lion, the King of the jungle, he only accepts the best treats.  You better give him something with meat in it or else he will just spit it out.  He doesn't chew on your shoes (that is way below him) and only wants to be around people and get some love.  Don't be surprised if on meeting you he gives you a big lick!

Also note: Leo is wonderful with CATS! And KIDS! But seriously note the Leo has been in foster care for WAY TOO LONG! This guy is five years old and has been searching for his forever home for more than three months. Please help us find Leo the awesome home that he so deserves. Look at his face! Who can resist?!?
Thank you, Catharine, for being a wonderful guest blogger and sharing Leo's story with us. Leo is currently available for adoption through Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. Please share this post and his story. For more info on Leo and to find out how to adopt, please visit:


  1. hey- i just found your blog when you popped up in my gchat status (i guess because we were on the same emails about lucky dog aspen over the weekend?). it's so cute! i saw leo at the show and was immediately taken with how absolutely adorable he is. if i were on the market for another forever-dog, i would take him in a second! he is just my type.

  2. He's pretty darn cute, right?!? ;) Thanks for hanging out with Aspen. Another cutie. So much HAIR!!!!