Saturday, August 13, 2011

R to the Izzo.

How could I forget sweet Baby Rizzo? Maybe because his stay with us was quick. Rizzo arrived in the middle of the week. He came to my house because his previous foster was a wee bit neglectful and left him out in a yard with a fence that didn't close properly. What can I say about Rizzo? Just look at him!

He is one super fun little puppy. He came to work with me the day after he arrived in Baltimore. The rest is history. I walked in the door and my co-worker, Deb, fell in love. She called her husband, who came to work to visit The Rizz, and he fell in love as well. The next day, I took Rizzo to their house so he could meet their cats and the following day, they adopted him. They take him EVERYWHERE. He walks his new mom to work in the morning and picks her up in the afternoon. He is one spoiled little guy. And my last foster for Lucky Dog.

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