Monday, May 23, 2011

Ella went home. For real this time.

Ella went home yesterday. To her REAL home. She won't ever be found "running at large" again...unless her new mom is right there by her side. I worried about Ella since the day she left my house. I cried for her and was sick to my stomach thinking that she was so stressed out and upset. Then I got a report from the trainer and the boarding facility where she was staying. Both reports were great! The trainer reported that Ella was FUN! and just needed some training. The pictures I received from boarding were awesome! They showed a happy, playful Ella...just as it should be. Yesterday, my mom and I met Ella at the boarding facility. Ella's new mom met us there and brought a few friends with her. There were at least eight people standing around, but when the gate opened, Ella ran right into her new mom's arms and knocked her over with kisses. It was amazing. I knew right then and there that Ella would have a great life. The life she deserves. I didn't film Ella's homecoming (damn!), but this picture of Ella running is what she looked like when she ran into the arms of her new mom...only she was smiling...and I cried a little.

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