Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A letter from Herbie

Hi everyone! I know that a bunch of people have been reading about me and looking at how cute I am, so I just wanted to tell you how I'm doing in my foster home. I love having a warm bed to sleep in (my foster mom calls it a crate) and a big, fun yard to run around in. I love jumping on my foster brother, Macho. I jump on his butt and he falls down and I can jump on top of him. We love wiggling around in the dirt. It feels good. I LOVE dirt. I can really go to town in the dirt. I want to dig a hole but my foster mom yells at me. But she yells, "CRAZY PANTS!" and laughs at the same time, so I don't think I'm in trouble. I'm trying to be the best I can be but I'm just so excited to have yummy food and a couch and a foster sister and brother. My foster sister, Olive, likes to bite my ankles. I already knew how to bite ankles, but I'll let her think that she taught me something new. She likes to run around the yard and I like to chase her. She's real cute and has silly teeth. But back to me...I know how to sit and I know my name and I know how to come when my foster mom calls my name and this makes her so happy that she gives me treats and boy do I love treats. I also love belly rubs. I like to play for a while and then run back to my foster mom and flop on my back so she can give me some belly rubs. There is some other thing that lives in my foster house. I think it's called a cat. My foster brother and sister seem to like the cat but I'm not so sure about it. He smells weird and I just bark at him. When I don't bark at him, my foster mom gives me a treat. So...I think maybe I'll try not to bark at him anymore. I really like to chase him too but he's really fast and can jump high. Speaking of jumping high, does anyone want to play ball with me? I really like the green ball. My foster mom throws it and we all chase after it. Sometimes I catch it and then make Olive and Macho chase me around the yard. I also really like sticks. And bones too. My foster mom only gives me a bone when she leaves and I go in my crate. I got cranky over a bone and now I can't have them around Olive and Macho. I think I learned my lesson, but it's better off this way. I'll have my very own big bone in my very own crate. I'm such a good boy in my crate too. My foster mom can leave for work and as long as she gives me a bone or two, I'm a happy camper all day long. So my foster grandmother told me that we're going to an event on Saturday. I went to one last week too. A cute girl and her mom petted me for a long time and told me that they would come back for me, but they didn't. I'm not that sad about it though. I know that my new family is out there somewhere. Maybe I'll meet them this weekend. We'll be at the Towson Petsmart. They have treats there.
High paw!

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  1. A note from Herbie's foster mom: We will be at the Towson Petsmart (1238 Putty Hill Avenue, Towson, MD 21286) on Saturday, April 9th from 12-2. Please come visit and say hello to Herbie and other adoptable dogs. Even if you don't adopt, they would love the attention.
    If you would like to know more about Herbie and how to adopt him, please visit his Petfinder profile ( and feel free to email me with any questions. Fostering is fun!