Sunday, April 3, 2011


Huh? WHAT? A hootie who? A bassador, silly! A labrador mixed with a basset. Lucky me, I have one running around in my house. And he's a tripod. There is a circus somewhere that wants this dog. Too bad for them. Herbie the bassador arrived in Baltimore today. What a silly little guy he is. He has had a busy day. He woke up at doggie daycare in DC, went to an adoption event in Falls Church and then came to his new foster home in Baltimore. He met his new foster siblings, Olive and Macho, and enjoyed running around in our newly fenced-in backyard. He loves to sit in laps. He loves to take naps. He loves to play. He needs a forever home.


  1. He looks like such a sweety! I hope you find him a forever home soon. Thanks for your good work, Sera.

  2. He shouldn't have a problem finding a home. He's so fantastic! ;) Thanks, Rachel.