Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dogs we have loved

Ray was our first foster. His full time foster mom went on vacation and we agreed to foster him for the weekend. He got to come to work with me and spent the whole day sitting on my lap and being cute. I took a picture of him and sent it to my mom at work and her coworker saw him and fell in love. She and her husband adopted him two days later. I cried. His new parents are Irish and his new name is Bono. Erik and I call him Ray Bono. He lives in Baltimore, just a few minutes away from our house.

Matthew Dillon was our second foster. He was crazy pants. He was the product of over breeding and Olive and Hamilton didn't like the way he smelled. They both freaked out and curled up in the corner and shook. He came to us on a Friday, went to live with a new foster on Saturday and got adopted on Sunday. He now makes a little girl very happy. I cried a little when he got adopted.

Macho was number three. He never left. I cried when his adoption coordinator said that someone inquired about him. He's laying next to me snoring right now. ;)

Cleave was number four and the first foster I picked up from transport. I cried at transport. It was a happy cry. Dogs were finding new homes and it was exciting. Cleave was really stinky, refused to walk on a leash, and bit my wrist. He went to live with his full time foster the next day and got adopted a couple weeks later. Did I mention that he was Chihuahua?

Sasha. Oh, sweet little fuzzy butt puppy face Sasha. She was the first puppy foster. I picked her up from transport in DC. I cried. Again, a happy cry. People come to meet their new dogs and everyone is SO excited. My gal pal, Alice, came with me to get Sasha. We got lost coming home and then got stuck in traffic. It took us three hours to get home. The next day, I took Sasha to an adoption event in Virginia to meet her new parents. I cried. Oh, did I cry. I only knew that little fluff ball for 24 hours and she stole my heart. Olive and Macho seemed sad when I came home without her. They looked around for her for a few minutes. She now lives in Virginia with a super mom and dad.

Herbie. Coming soon...

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